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Accountek is a powerful business accounting software for Mac users which is available both as a desktop and cloud version. This is the most suitable for small business accounting and offers an auditable accounting solution but without inventory management or job costing. ZipBooks is an online accounting software and is marketed as a free alternative to both QuickBooks and FreshBooks. It does however offer a slightly cheaper, more flexible pricing plan.

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You can bill by project, task, staff rate, or a flat amount. You can assign different projects to different team members by checking the box next to their user names.

ZipBooks claim you can sync your bank account to add expenses automatically or add a new expense manually by entering the date, amount, vendor, expense category, and the customer you will bill. You can save as many invoices as you like for reference or send them to clients as needed. You can integrate payment from PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express although it does charge a payment fee processing charge.

Accepting Visa, Mastercard and PayPal costs 2. As the year progresses, you can keep track of your invoicing, income and outgoings via the ZipBooks dashboard. This is useful for reviewing cash flows with simple interactive charts and graphs. ZipBooks is definitely worth considering if want something completely free to start with.

Even though the basic version is free apart from the payment processing costs if you choose to use their payment partners it includes all the essentials you need such as invoicing, time tracking, project and task management and the ability to track expenses and quotes. For a powerful yet user friendly accounting solution that works both in a browser, on Mac desktops and can connect to your bank, we think QuickBooks Online is still the best Mac users can get.

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In the past, the problem for Mac users used to be that it was difficult to find accounting software on Mac that measured up to the features found on their Windows equivalents meaning that Mac users had no choice but to run Windows on their machine using software such as Parallels. Most of the biggest accounting software developers have woken up to the fact that there are more and more Mac users running small businesses or professional accountants that have switched to Mac. Increasingly too, Windows-based accounting tools are moving online and now work on all platforms such as the excellent user-friendly FreshBooks which now works on Mac and also makes it easy to work with colleagues and accountants on PC.

A rare exception to this is QuickBooks Online which allows you to use it both in a browser or via desktop app on your Mac. If you need to give an accountant access to your accounts or share them with colleagues, then ideally they should also be working on a Mac.

This is particularly important for growing businesses to make life easier or if you intend on using your app closely alongside other apps installed on your Mac. Apart from CRM apps, you may also want to check whether the software integrates with note taking and productivity apps such as Evernote or one of the many excellent OneNote alternatives for Mac to make life easier.

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Any business application such as accounting software needs good customer support because when things go wrong, the consequences can be disastrous or extremely stressful for you and your business. Also useful are forums on the developer site where you can often get quick answers from other users about problems or issues you may be having.

Most developers limit the amount of users that can be using accounting software at one time or charge for each extra user you want added. In this respect, Cloud software is often advantageous if large numbers of people are going to be editing the accounts. Not all accounting software handles payroll processing on Mac but that is now changing. For more, check out our guide to the best payroll software for Mac users.

We hope this article has helped you choose the right Mac bookkeeping software for your business but if you have any questions, problems or suggestions related to accounting tools on macOS, let us know in the comments below. I am using Slickpie www.

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Great solution for my business. Easy to use and Super easy to learn. I can create and exports, invoice online very easily. Once an invoice, send, I can track it or send automated payment reminders and follow-ups. The software is intuitive enough to start right away generating invoices. I am so busy in my business that I never had enough time for accounting and paperwork. Just Done Accounting software is so good that it controls all my accounting related work.

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With Wave Accounting, a free accounting software mac, users can create and send professional invoices and receipts. The invoice system is particularly quick, with most client invoices cleared within 2 days.

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Payroll enables business owners to pay their workforce easily, with direct deposits and online pay stubs to save you leg work. Whether payments are by the hour or by salary, payments can be made every week, every two weeks, or monthly. This applies to your accounting problems as well. Accounting software for Mac computers has made business accounting much simpler and more effective.

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Processes like transitioning from hard copy to digital documentation, or making work more flexible and collaborative are not issues that are easily solved. Offering a complete solution to fill the gaps in accounting processes, PDFelement is a valuable addition to your software inventory. All accounting documentation becomes flexible and open to collaboration with this simple, effective software program. Transform all file types into editable PDFs in minutes and collaborate on documents commenting, annotating and redacting all within one interface. Create fillable forms, combine multiple documents, and extract data for analysis.

This will reduce the time needed to complete projects in-house and deal with external clients. PDFelement is your toolkit for complete accounting success. Manually extracting and exporting data has always been one of the biggest headaches for accountants. Hours and hours of valuable working time are wasted each year copying and analyzing data from paper forms, or manually inputting that data into digital programs.

It also leads to mistakes due to human error. Leave this issue in the past with PDFelement which allows you to extract and export data at the click of a button. To simplify the process following data extraction, all data can be exported as analysis-ready files for Excel so that that data can be further analyzed and worked into financial reporting.

With full customization of data forms and batch exporting available, PDFelement massively reduces the resources needed when working with financial data.

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Filling out forms, and processing them, is a central part of accounting work. This is always a very time consuming task — manually printing, filling out and sending forms wastes hours of accounting effort. High documentation standards are required within the accounting industry. This means that all your documents can be saved, shared and sent across all platforms to any colleague or client with complete peace of mind.

This means that all your documents can be saved, shared and sent across all platforms to any colleague or client with complete peace of mind. PDFelement makes this simple, efficient, and safe by ensuring that the highest standards are always maintained. PDFelement offers simple drag and drop functionality to create fillable, interactive forms from scratch. This is something that has traditionally taken a lot of time, effort and skill to complete. All the other editing and creation tools work effortlessly alongside the form creation features so you can create robust and user friendly forms for all your accounting requirements.

Security is an ongoing issue with accounting documents that can cause major issues when mistakes are made. Controlling access to your accounting files is essential in the digital age and PDFelement, again, is the best solution for this problem. This offers complete control of your accounting documents and lets you limit who can open and view sensitive data in a manner that traditional accounting software for Mac cannot.

Increasingly, different members of staff, or clients, need to view different content within the same file, and be restricted from others. PDFelement can help you solve this problem in minutes! Paperless working is a goal of most modern businesses, and accounting is no different. A paperless office can have a huge positive impact on the day to day success of an accounting department.

When wondering how to effectively convert thousands of paper documents into a digital format, many businesses have often found this a difficult issue to solve. Advanced Optical Character Recognition OCR is a feature within PDFelement, detecting exact characters and letters on scanned documents and converting them to make the scanned files editable and searchable once they are saved to your systems.

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  • Thousands of hours can be saved when converting documents and managing all files will become easier with PDFelement. For those who are searching for online or cloud solution, please check out Online Accounting Software here. Get from App Store. Get it on Google Play. Tech Specs. Free Trial. Buy Now. Elise Williams. Get it Now.