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I could eat it with a spoon! At least. Maybe ? Actually no, send the full I want to make these and hide the whole batch in my closet. Looks fantastic!! They look amazing! Way better than the store bought ones! Try as I might, my daughter is pretty much a living, breathing poptart.

Your family must think you are a magician when you present them with something like these poptarts. These are poptarts that I would be happy to feed my kids — well, maybe not for breakfast, but definitely as an afternoon treat. Thank you, Dara! I wish my family was that impressed…I think they are just used to it! Oh and I know what you mean, I cannot do these for breakfast either. They are more of a dessert in my eyes!

Great post! I think these look absolutely perfect! Love the idea of putting salt on the top. I bet these are way, way better than store bought! These look so darn fabulous! I need to have of them in my mouth like right now… wow, they must be awesome! Wowza, these look amazing! The fudge in the middle is the BEST part. Oh my gosh so good!! I could eat it with a spoon.

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Holy cow! I never really had pop tarts growing up, but these make me wanna change that right away! Oh my — wow. Those look crazy amazing. That filling, that crust — like I said, just wow. Thiegan, these look amazing! I know how hard it is to pull of tasty and good looking dessert. And I love your name, and I have never met a not so dramatic girl. OMG heaven on a plate! I love, love, love pop tarts! Been meaning to attempt my own for ages, these are making me want to make them even more! Best Friday post ever! I love pop-tarts! I find that just resting them on top of the toaster , icing side up, they get nice and warm without making a mess!

These look JUST like the real thing! Not like that is a travesty. But these look so yummy! You really outdid yourself this time Tieghan! Oh please!! I bet yours are insanely amazing!! They are going to look great and I cannot wait to see them!! How gorgeous are these?! So glad you tried again, your perseverance paid off! Beyond impressed. These are amazing Tieghan. OH my gosh. I used to eat these every morning when I was younger.

Yeah, I loved pop tarts! Dying to try these. Pinned to make. Just saw your recipe on foodgawker, and I just had to have a looks at these! SO much chocolate… that looks and sounds delicious! Keep it up! My daughter and I argue constantly about buying processed foods like Pop Tarts, so I have to give these a try. I just made them and they are very dry.

Is there something you can suggest in helping me make mine more like yours. The frosting was awesome. Thank you so much for posting this I enjoyed the experience as I am new to cooking. Mine were not dry at all, but it has been very moist were I live lately so I am sure that helped. To help moisten the crust add one tablespoon of water at a time until the dough feels moist and form a solid ball.

Then roll the dough out between two sheets of parchment or wax paper with a little flour as possible. Just use enough flour to keep the dough from sticking. This should help a ton and I hope it works so much better for you! As for the fudge filling, I cannot believe your family did not like it! Try it with all milk chocolate this time, hopefully that should do the trick! Glade you did like the frosting though! I had the same issue as Amy.

We found the dough really difficult to form and to roll out. We ended up adding quite a bit of water, one tbsp at a time just to get it to hold together. Once baked, the dough seemed off. The filling was phenomenal, but the dough was kind of dry and bland. Any thoughts? Ahhh my gosh Tiegan! These look spot-on perfect. Found these on Foodgawker, Seeing the photo made me click because they look just like the real thing, only better. The only pop-tart that I eat is the Chocolate. I bet I could eat the filling and frosting up with a spoon also! Oh my!! Thanks so sharing.

Thank you so much, Shaina! I wish I still had some left. Looking through the pictures and not having them was kind of like torture! You are a DOLL! Found your blog through pinterest and I must say this looks amazing. I definitely plan on making them. I cannot imagine they will last very long but I was wondering if you have any storage suggestions. I have never made homemade pop-tarts I have seen some recipes for strawberry ones but I think I have been holding out for a fudge recipe so I do not really what would be best.

Hi Katharine! So happy you found my blog and these poptarts! I stored mine in a sealed container in a single layer and they lasted over week I made over three batches so I had so many. Not sure if they would last longer in the fridge, but you could try that too! But those chocolate fudge poptarts are a weakness of mine sometimes. Just whoa. I have to make these ASAP.

THank you, Rebecca!!! I kind of feel the same way about you! I mean, your biscuits??!? They look incredible! I have to make them for Thanksgiving!

They look so yummy! Is there any replacement I can use? The meringue powder can be bought here on Amazon or you could try subbing 1 egg white. Hope this helps and I hope you love these!! Let me know if you have any more questions, thanks! I have been working on finding homemade versions of goodies usually bought at the store, which pop tarts were on that list.

While I have found some recipes for pop tarts none were for my sons favorite type of pop tart that is until now. You are one of my new online foodie heroes. I am looking forward to finding out what other yummies you have created. Thank you again. So happy to find these, yum!

Has anyone tried making these with an all purpose gluten free flour or other non-wheat flour? I am going to have no choice but to make these now. Even better is no high fructose corn syrup! Meaning now the actual brand Poptarts are ruined for me. D: Still… I bet the kids will flip once I make these for them! Could they be maybe warmed up for a short time in the mircowave since the toaster is out? Maybe a toaster oven? Thanks Kisa! These can be warmed in the microwave or toasted oven, but depending on how long you let them go for the frosting may get a bit melty.

Do you think these could be made and then frozen? This most be the best recipe ever!!!! I was really excited to try making these, but the dough just hated me!! I started out making it and it was just so dry it was pretty much just lumpy powder even with the water, so I added more, but it was then really lumpy and felt like chewing gum.

The pop tart was doughy and had no flavour, just tasted like flour, not like chocolate. D: Any ideas on how to make them better? I am so sorry you had such problems with the dough. Dough can be really tricky, especially if you live in a dry climate. I love in CO, so it is very dry. I am surprised your dough was too dry, are you sure you mixed the butter into the dough properly?

Also, the dough can be a little dry, but it should roll out into sheet for you. It is really hard to tell what might be the problem without being right there with you. Again, so sorry. Glad you liked the filling though! I actually tried two doughs repeating the process except sticking to only half a cup of water like said directions. It was the same flop as the first attempt, so I stuck with the first ball of dough. Anyway, the texture of it seemed funky and not right, grainy kind of, and while rolling out it was not at all like rolling out pie crusts.

It was not rolling out well at all for me. Anyway by the time they came out of the oven I decided not to frost them because of the hardships they were giving me. With the way yours look I was expecting them to taste like bigger better classier poptarts. But they were more of like a sad unfantastic dried out bread, which is confusing because of how much butter and chocolate it takes.

This post is total food-porn, those pictures — wow!!

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How long do you think these can be stored? Do you think they can be frozen? I am taking dyes out of my sons diet and these would be great as he loves poptarts and I am always buying the organic ones which are not cheap. Hmm, I am not sure since I have not personally tried it, but I think it would work. Let me know how it goes. Hope you love them!! I recently started buying poptarts since my local supermarket stocked up on American goods, and my favourite are the chocolate fudge ones.

I just finished making these and they were awesome. The filling is great by itself. I sat and licked the bowl clean while they were baking. I accidentally rolled the dough a bit too thick but I poured the leftover filling over the top and they were fine. I saw others commented their dough was dry but mine was great. I put all the ingredients in the food processor and the dough mixed up in a few minutes. Once they cooled I put half of them in some freezer bags in packs of 2 and froze them. So happy you are loving these!


Thanks for reporting back and your tips! Hope you are having a great weekend! Pastry and filling came out perfectly. Again, salt and vanilla were measured with a spoon. Hope that helps! And Tieghan, thank you so much for this recipe. I love it! These look amazing!! Thanks in advance!! I use sweadish pearl sugar. Here is the link. You can just leave the it out.

The frosting with not be as glossy as in the photos, but it will still be great! I tried these, and they were so yummy! The recipe worked out really well, but the dough was just a little bit dry. Anyways, I just love the fact that somehow you find a way to reply to just about every comment on here. Thank you so much for this recipe! I love it. You can see how mine turned out here Vegetarian Chocolate Pop Tarts! Might have to give them a go this weekend!

I live in Ecuador and we cannot get poptarts here. My kids jumped for joy when i ound your recicpe! I just tried my hand at these with half hearted results though! Filling is awesome but had many of the same issue with the pastry, just didnt come out chocolaty enough. Do you think I can add more cocoa powder as i said.. I live i Ecuador, land of chococlate but it seems the cocoa powder I used is not as potent! The boys of the house had no complaints though! I am glad i discovered your blog! I have a theory regarding the differences in results between people.

After trying the recipe myself i also found the dough to be horrendously dry. Living just a few hours from the coast in a fairly humid environment i found it impossible that the air could be drier than Colorado. All it took was 1 egg blended together with 3 Tbsp milk to make the dough malleable. Due to comments that the dough was bland i also added another 1 Tbsp of cocoa powder, and about an even amount of sugar and cocoa mix.

Note that the dough was still only lightly flavored and semi-sweet. This gave the tarts a stronger chocolate flavor without so much sweetness. The concept of a homemade pop tart was intriguing. But for me, these were far more trouble than they were worth. While the filling on its own was good enough to be eaten with a spoon, I did not find that the overall end product was tasty enough to justify the amount of time and effort it took.

I had high hopes, but I still prefer the store bought variety. Perhaps others will enjoy it more than I did. Sorry about that Gina! Thanks for trying anyway! Can you clarify how much butter you put in the dough part? So sorry for the confusion. Please let me know if you have other questions. Hope you love this recipe!

Hi Sachika! I am sorry to hear that this did not work for you. I hope you enjoy some other recipes on my blog! That will also explain the dry texture people have issues with. Hey Sam! This is the correct amount of butter. You need 2 sticks of butter which is equal to 1 cup or 16 tablespoons butter. If you prefer, you can us more butter to your liking.

I would recommend around 4 tablespoons, but nor more or the dough will be too greasy. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I hope you love this recipe! Looks so good! I am coming to this post 6 years late. Someone mentioned Pop-Tarts on Twitter and I had to search to see if they even sold them anymore. And then I found this! I try to live simply, eat seasonally, and cook with whole foods. My hope is to inspire a love for amazing food, as well as the courage to try something new! Whether you need to get dinner on the table for your family tonight or are planning your next get-together with friends, Half Baked Harvest Cookbook has your new favorite recipe.

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Just in time for the new baby to arrive. I can add some money into the online bank accounts, and finish paying off my credit cards now that I lowered the APR. I am younger and live at home. Being a young entrepreneur does have its benefits, such as zero rent or a mortgage. If I were to win this contest I would ask you to trade me as the winner and send the money to my father to help him and my step mom pay their rent. He is a correctional officer, which does not make a lot for what they have to do and my step mom found out a couple of months ago she would be losing her job after being their her whole career.

I believe they really need this, it could relieve stress and allow them to focus more on how they will survive a lose of a whole income. Good luck with the contest! You are wonderful! Good luck to you and thank you for the inspiration! Dillon, I will like you to win this contest. If I win it I will give it to you. You restore my faith in humanity. I will most definitely use the money to pay down some debit.

We not only live paycheck to paycheck but we are in financial ruin. Ramit, I am terrible with money. I usually do the wrong thing when I get a windfall. But, I recently committed to paying off our high-interest credit card, and to start saving. I believe it is possible to learn from mistakes, and to do better in the future, so….

I would use a portion of the money to pay back a relative that loaned me some money recently and put the rest toward a Discover card bill. I plan in investing this amount in two area: 1. Market my business online to increase visibility and footprint 2. Invest more in myself to be more equipped and adept to new ways to be profitable. I want to diversify my income and make money through establishing authority websites on niche topics. A lot of these sites have already been set up by people and just need work in terms of SEO and content. I have skills in both. The extra money would go towards purchasing a site and beginning work on it to get it ranking and pulling in the funds through affiliate marketing.

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What do you think? You might invest in starting your own co-op coffeehouse! Keep in touch!


Since I still live at home, this would be more for my parents than me — but that means money they can use to pay down credit card debt, take care of car issues, groceries — you know, the normal OTHER money concerns! And also a bottle of good Champagne. Hi Ramit. I will teach him to be rich! As probably many of your other students and disciples will do, my plan is to put the money into my start-up venture. My goal is to transition out of the corporate world and into the land of hard work and prosperity doing something that I absolutely love, providing products that benefit and enrich lives.

Through your teachings and those of my successful parents and grandparents, I have learned how to stretch a dollar and how to enjoy the fruits of my labor. It is only a matter of time until we launch and until we can pay this generous offer forward. Save it! I threw myself into this without realizing the different costs that would come up. Still, very excited to get started! Based on your advice, I am paying down my credit card debt and starting an emergency savings fund enough for 3 months of living expenses.

I would use half to build a website for my design and copy-writing services, and half to make a proper video of my daughter for the Voice. I got a letter from the IRS this month that my taxes from were wrong. Not easy to budget for things like that. I will use the rest to pay for a new suit for job interviews and some additional materials on how to land a great paying job.

That would probably leave me a nice chunk of change which will then go towards savings again, a credit card bill, and furniture. Yes, I said furniture. Ramith you cray and I love your humor. Keep doing it big and confident and hope we can meet one day. I am just in the process of moving so that I can save money for what I really want to spend it on.

It is an education site that I am very passionate about. I will invest the money in several memberships in pro groups around the country to take my earn 1k project to the national level. The least sexy thing to do with extra money…pay off my credit card debt. I would put the money towards the medical bills we have accrued this year that have derailed our budget. It will speed the process of me being able to take a course I am saving up for. Rent in New York is a good portion of my income.

I would be able to put a huge dent in the card with the highest interest rate — moving me at least 3 months ahead of my goal to be completely credit card debt free! I would enroll with my wife in workshops and support groups for couples dealing with infertility and thereby work on increasing our coping skills and happiness. I was denied financial aid so I have to pay all expenses out of pocket. It would be nice to be able to apply my house payment to pay for school and books.

I was put on bedrest 4 months before my due date, so had to stop working and my company is small, so they do not have to compensate for disability and NY disability is a joke compared to the salary I am no longer getting. I am graduating with my PhD in a year and will likely have a bit of a gap between finishing and a job.

I will stash it away for the case of needing money during that gap. That would go towards helping the family. I would like to return to school for another major which would lead to a better career. I got some debts to pay off which would really ease my mind. Help my sister too and a good friend as well.

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Instead I think it would be helpful to pay towards a GRE prep class. I will use the money saved to book my tickets to Tibet and Shirakawa-go in Japan. I need to go hide in the mountains for a month or so. Next big purchase: a couch! I just moved from a shared-with-roommates to a by-myself situation, and now I need a couch. I would use it to learn web design on Lynda.

Then i would have promo materials printed off so I can start my own web design firm and leave my current job. You rock with your generosity! I would use some of the money to grow my business because ultimately I want that to pay for A LOT of mortgage payments. I want to invest the money into my photography business. I started out photographing every thing that paid— weddings, products, bridals, engagements, models, children, pets, babies, families, seniors.

I then narrowed down my services on my website to just babies and families. It is the work that inspires me and keeps me going. It is also where I give my best and do my best work. I think that my work has a lot of potential, but I know there is a lot more I need to learn when it comes to working with such delicate little people.

I will not try anything new that I am not sure I can do because the safety of these little lives is most important. I would love to take a hands-on mentoring workshop with a photographer about three hours away in Austin, Texas who specializes in newborns and teaches newborn posing, but right now everything that I earn is going into the family budget to help with our necessary expenses while we pay for my husband to go to school full time. I would use the money to make a double payment and get it paid off a little quicker i am down to 12 months of payments left. I bought my house from a relative for the back taxes that were owed of 5, It is valued at 25, Pay off my credit card 2.

As savings towards my own car currently leasing with my sister. Thanking for giving me my seed fund. I will use it for my annual trip to India for which I have been saving and to pay a designer to make me a nice logo for the new service that I came up with in the Earn 1k course!

I would us it to buy an electronic cutter that I need to start my heat press business. I am turning 40 in November, so I would take a portion of the money to take a mini-cruise somewhere for the weekend without my 2 sons. Then, I would take a portion to fix the 2 giant holes on the staircase in my new house that my now EX-idiot roommate caused by having a fat drunk idiot try to get a box spring up the steps, getting it stuck and then thinking shoving it really hard into the walls would help to dislodge it! Then I would save the rest. I would use the money saved from my mortgage payment to hire a contractor to construct an extra bedroom in my townhouse basement.

I would hire someone to build out of my side projects that are intended to bring in passive income. If I won the money, I would invest it into what I love. I would be putting the money into my small business to give it the extra out of pocket boost for my continued efforts on rebranding and expanding.

I have partnership in a sign shop that I have been taking part in putting back on track, which I have been loving so far. Not only is it a small privately run business, we also host programs for underpriviledged youth in the area to learn different job skills and teach them elements involved with a small business and the industry of sign making.

As the shop improves and does better, it just helps me out more financially to put more money in other things I love, such as fixing things for my car and traveling some more before the end of the year. With the money saved, my wife and I will pay off a credit card. We recently purchased our condo and made upgrades to boost the value and make it our own. We used some credit cards to get some points we later plan to use for travel.

We have developed a plan to eliminate all of our credit card debt in a year and the money that we could save from you paying our mortgage will allow us to pay off one of those credit cards, which in turn shortens our timeline to being debt free. I am soooo on my way to solid finances. Very exciting! I could also put some towards fleshing out a side project designed to bring in passive income.

My husband and I are already saving up for a downpayment on a new house — this would be a great addition! Mount more consciousness-expanding workshops like the Gateway Voyage that I am offering in Chicago at the end of October using Hemi-Sync, featuring a method of discovery where you can explore different states of consciousness through direct experience.

Student loans! The money would knock down my student loans a little bit more and help me get down to paying more principal and paying off the student loans sooner! I would use it in additional to some of our savings to make our first floor livable before our baby arrives. I have quite high standards for bringing new possessions into my flat, and to be honest, am not lacking anything right now. I just shut down a couple very low profit businesses where I had trouble with my drop shipper. I want her to somewhat smooth sail through her college years much easier than I did.

Give me a chance to learn and expose myself to the world. This would be great.

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I would use it to help me launch my new product on my website www. I have been saving my money to buy real estate. Since the real estate market is slowly coming back, I would definitely invest my money into the real estate market. I do, however, have a cat with lymphoma and not enough in savings to pay for alllll his treatment — this would go a long way toward covering his treatments while I badger his insurance to process my claims.

Thanks for the all the advice and information! I was reviewing your blueprints and just wanted to note that some of the information was out-of-date in the PDFs. See below for my notes. Rung 4: If you have money left over, go back to your k and contribute as much as possible to it this time above and beyond your employer match.

Oh, by the way, if you pay my mortgage for a month, that money would go straight towards my Roth. They do so much for these dogs and only ask for a few donations for special needs Goldens. I would use it to pay off my credit card debt, and then automate what I would save on their monthly payments toward a rolling fund that could finance enrollment in personal finance courses.

I would use it to rebuild our emergency savings after my recent job transition from software consulting to independent financial advising. I am currently starting my business, so I will use half to pay my rent and I will invest the rest in my business to pay a developer for two months. I would like to use it to set-up systems. I am living paycheck to paycheck — but recently paid off my credit card debt — this money would really help me towards a new system for moving forward.

I would go shopping for myself! I would also split the money into single dollar bills and wear it as a money suit. I have never seen anyone with a money suit. Before the funds dry down, will earn enough form the online venture to support and sustain myself. Eventually will be free from the day job.

Take half and add it to the money in a small k account from my last job—in both senses of the term.. Then, divide the other half of the money by six and invest it in the Roth IRA over six months to establish the important habit of an entrepreneur investing for the future. Thank you! I lost my job in January and have been unemployed since. I am 58 years old and cannot get anyone to hire me. I am very qualified for many positions, am highly educated, energetic, management experience, etc.

I just seems that people hiring cannot get past the age thing. It would seem that I have several things working against me. My wife makes too much for us to receive government assistance, the longer I am unemployed the harder to find employment, and my age. It is 4 years before social security can help, and I have used up all the unemployment insurance that was available to me. Having my rent paid would give us the opportunity to spread our very tight budget for another two months. We would use the extra money to buy food and pay expenses.

Thanks for the opportunity Ramit! Yes I could pay a bill or two or stash it in the bank, but by investing it in my biz it will allow me to create some efficiencies that will provide a better return in the long run. Hi Ramit, what a cool contest! We have our first baby on the way. We would use this money towards care for our newborn. Then I would put the rest toward paying down principle on my mortgage.

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I will some back into my savings, and use the rest to boost my business — get some much-needed new promo materials, a new mat for my clients… etc. I am moving in September and I would use this money for my security deposit. This would put less strain on my finances and I would start a savings program. I want to start an aftermarket parts company for the new Tesla Model S electric cars.

My rent is and I would use the other 1, to finance my prototype and first 10 or so units. I would sell on the user online forums so marketing would be free. No one else is doing what I want to do. Thanks for kicking my ass and continuing to do so. I look forward to being one of your success stories. I am expecting my first child on or around October 15th, so i would pay my rent so i can afford to be on maternity leave for 6 weeks to take care of my newborn son! My wife and I would put it into a saving buffer to help cover expenses as my paychecks do not fall at regular intervals.

I would use this money to go visit my friend in Berlin! I would also invest in starting a blog. Boring, I know. I would use the extra money to help fund some plumbing repairs that I need to do in our two upstairs bathrooms! Thanks for the opportunity. I would pay down debt. Plain and simple. But a bit of credit card debt from when I was charging next to nothing! Wow, thank you so much for this offer. If I could get my rent paid even once, I would seize that break and immediately put my next paycheck into a high-yield savings account.

I would be able to get my new fiscal trajectory started right and I would thoroughly enjoy an excited, mature peace of mind. Thank you so much for your consideration. Have an awesome Monday.

Hi Ramit! Thanks for hosting such a great competition. I would use the prize to help complete my transition from the world of employment to self-employment through consulting and freelance work. I move to Buenos Aires from London in October for 2 months so any additional cash would be a big help. Thanks for your consideration and ever-helpful insight, keep it coming, Sarah. I would use it to pay down debt my wife and I have accumulated on a credit card.

We put all our spending on credit cards to get rewards and then pay it all the way down the next month, but it sometimes gets out of control because its so easy to spend. Seems counter-intuitive, but I know what works for me psychologically. Therefore, I would invest the money in myself by enrolling in executive coach training.

This would enhance skills I already possess and also position me for further advancement. I would deposit half the cash into a savings account and invest the other half in marketing for my art photography business. I wil probably save the money. I would use the extra money to put towards debts— pay it off faster and spend less on interest! Honestly, with a new baby I would probably put the extra month rent we already negotiated a below market rent for our area towards plane tickets to show off the new kid to both sets of parents who conveniently do NOT live close to one another.

We may even pay for the plane ticket for our other child instead of sending him by bus. I would tithe to my church, invest in a business coach to rock out my business, and save the rest for a rainy day for my husband and I. I would put the extra money towards my student loans! Since I just entered grad school and am planning on paying off my undergraduate loans still that would be amazing.

I recently moved to a new city, Dream Life plan underway! I will add it to my savings for a summer course on a university in Paris that I want to attend. Finally decided to persue my dream career.

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Applications start in March. I would use the money to help automate my finances. Once that is funded everything else is ready to set and forget. I am almost completely out of debt! YAY ME! My paying it off strategy is totally working, and I am so proud of myself, but I have sacrificed being able to save very much in order to do it. What I really want to do now is beef up my savings and spend a little bit on developing some passive income streams.

Thanks for the contest and the chance to win! I am currently unemployed. Last week I spent a good chunk of my savings on car repairs, so I would use the money I saved on rent to replenish my savings account. The remainder would be invested in low-cost index funds, which will eventually help lead to financial freedom! Stocks are running at all time highs due for a serious correction , CDs yeild a whopping 0. When the stock market correction happens, all else goes down with it except precious metals which go in the reverse direction.

So, its guaranteed to double in the next years. My mortgage is pretty inexpensive. Aside from school, my biggest focus is trying to build a practice that I can expand once my degree is in-hand. Most of the work I do is internet-based, and last week my geriatric computer froze and unexpectedly shut down twice during a student—not great news, to say the least. At the very least, it would keep me connected with the students and clients I already work with, and enable me to continue to build my business.

Excited for the possibility! I am dying to start my own biz but feel trapped by debt and lack of savings. This would give me some much-needed breathing room, and a step in the right direction. My largest expense is certainly rent as my small flat with 3 dogs n 2 cats costs me over half my income. I need to get some space, out of the city, but am tied to dependant upon my job, and living paycheque to paycheque, for now.

That extra money would go towards student loan payments. The amount we pay for our mortgage would be a great help in updating our house. We are currently saving up money to put a deck on the back of our house, and a few other things to our front and backyard as well. I would use it to pay off some of my student loans. It seems like only the interest is being paid off and with a huge payment I could make a dent in the principal. My old card was totaled in June so now I have a high car payment to deal with. The biggest obstacle to being financially stable is debt.

My wife and I are paying ours off, slowly but surely. Instead of taking a few monthly payments toward removing one debt, what we pay in rent each month would enable us to pay off two debts entirely. Its 10 years now.. The company I am employed for matches dollar-for-dollar on ks, no limit seriously so I strive to put as much as I can in there which leaves me nothing left for a separate Roth account. Having both will help hedge my bets in the future so no matter what happens to taxes I can be covered! I would use the extra money to re-enter a college degree program without having to use student loans.

He goes to college in two years. We would save it for December. This money would give my husband and I the chance to fly home for Christmas. I got into an accident last week, so my emergency fund was drained to fix my car. My mortgage has been paid off for years and I have no debt, but my house could use some work.

Part of the prize would go toward that and the rest to savings. I would use the money to invest in retirement. Awesome giveaway! I would fly out to San Fran and scope out the area. I am looking for my dream job and want to relocate, but before that I need to make sure I want to move to the area. My brother may be moving out there as well, so I would meet up with him and talk to him and see if this is the best choice for us as a family.

Thus, this money would purely be for covering my monthly expenses! I owe my lawyer more than my rent for letters that are ignored. I do want to start a savings plan…. Increasing the value will allow us to say goodbye to PMI and hello to lower payments. But, we will pay same amount and voila, mortgage will be paid off sooner. I am a 25 year old who just moved from Chicago to DC to work in the government. Going from an apartment with my girlfriend to a condo, as it was the only thing we could find. Our rent has gone from to a month, and it has been very difficult on us, and we are definitely living paycheck to paycheck — so I understand where everyone else is coming from.

I am the sole breadwinner in our little family. I would essentially be able to put it into our emergency fund and pay off debts, getting our travel fund all that closer to a reality. We are traveling to Iceland for a month in June of , hell or high water. I am working with 2 clients as a developer along with my full time job to make sure that happens but still very close margins.

If I were to win this and have you pay the 2, rent for me I could then use my 2k as a bit of padding in my accounts to help boost future potential. We would be all that closer to a drive across iceland following the ring road, and a roadtrip around the US. Obviously though, a very practical need for most of the 2k I would have would be to pay off existing medical bill debts I roughly have 4 — 5k in miscellaneous debts , but am working to pay them off.

Hi Ramit, I would spend the saved money in a few different ways. First, I would like to start buying some essentials of a new professional wardrobe: such as all the classic, practical pieces of clothing that add to a polished and professional look! I would also like to invest some of the money in a cooking course— either a knife skills class or a pastry course. This is a goal I have had for awhile, but these courses can be quite expensive! This would be amazing to win. Even better if both of us in my household won!

With a new baby on the way, I would use some to furnish their room and invest the remainder in a college fund for them. I know the sooner my Wife and I can start that saving, the more likely it will be that we will have enough to afford their college without leaving mountains of student loan debt. I will save the extra money until I see how my taxes turn out now that I have a rental property. I would love to fix our patio doors that has a shattered pane. It would be so nice not to have to tap into my emergency fund for the new doors. Well, I just got engaged! But we have a ton of bills…mortgage…car loans..

My husband and I would add the money to our new car savings fund. Both of our current vehicles are paid off and we are hoping to upgrade my car a 2-door to something more family-friendly. Ramit, Winning this would be such a blessing! It would rock his world and help me out sooo much with transportation! You are so awesome to do these contests and whoever wins will benefit, indeed. I have recently caught up on all my bills. I am still playing with my budget but if I won this, I would definately add it to my savings. I want to take this time to let you know that God sent me to your website.

I can relate to you. I have dream job also. I would use it to help fund prototyping for my fledgling product business. I would use it to launch my business in teaching basic computer skills and providing a virtual business incubator to individuals living in rural communities across Jamaica. I would use most of the money to start an Roth IRA account. Then use the rest to buy a deep freezer and storage shelves, so I can stock up on meat and groceries the cost of food is expensive. Gotta plan for the future. I would use about half of the money to get a Playstation 4 and a few games.

We would work on paying down our credit card and loan debts so that we can try to avoid living paycheck to paycheck. It would be nice to have money at the end of the month rather than month at the end of our money! I would invest the money to build a good blog cum website, along the design lines of travellab. I have much of the copy written already. Then, in a few months time, I would work on a natural health book synopsis to pitch to relevant publishers. I would finish my bathroom. We need some cash to pay someone to finish it. The plan is after paying off home mortgage and extra car payments should be able to make large rental property loan payments to pay off in a few years and the plan is to pickup 1 additional property each year to build rental income as well as work income.

My husband and I are self-employed. And maybe use some of it for a really really nice dinner. Whoa, having relief from a mortgage payment for one month would be incredible. With the money saved, I would get my credit card debt completely paid off, and put the rest in my Roth IRA. I would to parlay the investment into a useful tool that could help other people working on projects like mine while providing a bit of ongoing extra income for me. Flights from Boston are ridiculously expensive!

I will finally start a business or freelance company so I can get out of my job and gain some freedom. I will create better work and be happier for it. I would get caught up on past due medical bills , and school supplies for my child going into high school. I would put it towards a big chunk of debt for my student loans. Definitely some non-college-level furniture.

I would use it to pay off what is left of my student loans- I am so close to being done with them! It would go straight to paying off my smallest student loan and start a snowball on the next one! I plan to spend the money I will save my mortgage payment on my website. My website is in a pre-launch state and I am not employed. My plan is to launch my website before I return to work next month. Winning the mortgage payment would be a huge help with my uncertain financial near-future!

I am the CEO of the daily photo journal startup ShutterCal — I quit my job to dive into my venture full time in December with a 1 year budget to make it happen. Every penny counts as keep myself afloat while building my business. I will buy annual passes to Disneyland for myself, hubby and son we just moved to Orange County, CA and the rest will go into savings. My husband and I are taking a few trips in the next few month and could use the extra money to offset some of those expenses Nicaragua, Cabo, Houston, Vegas, yikes!

My brother, girlfriend and I all share an apartment together. My girlfriend and I just broke forcing us to sub-let the apartment and find a new place to live. I have successfully automated my bills and credit card payments, set up my k and IRA, and paid off almost all of my debt through your guided help. I have yet to come up with sufficient emergency savings so this is a definite stressful time being forced to move out. If I were to win this contest it would be a blessing, but I would honesty just pay it forward to take the 1k a month course te next time it come around.

I was unable to this last time due to obvious financial strain. I will use the funds to finish the final phase of my mobile kitchen so I can get my business rolling out into the community and start making an income that will be reflective of all my hard work, ambition and abilities. This mobile kitchen is just the first step of a much bigger picture, as outlined in my business plan. I would put this money toward my student loan debt.

A month without rent would allow us to make a dent in our debts and raise our credit ratings so finding a better place will be easier and possibly even qualify for a mortgage. I might hold some of it in a separate savings account, giving my kids each the option to earn the rest of it as a match fund for whatever they invest in those retirement accounts, to get them in the habit of investing!

I would put it directly into savings or maybe make a double mortgage payment for that month. That side business is going to be my primary business by December. I would definitely setup the automated finances plan you lay out in your book. Put some towards savings, pay several bills to get ahead and put the remainder in my investment account. I recently made the decision to leave my current job in pursuit of a web development position which requires me to augment my technical skill set.

Thinking about doing a whole pig roast! I would give the money to my parents so they could put it down towards the mortgage of their house and breathe easy, even if only for one month. It would help them tremendously. I am unemployed since April, so I will use the money to relocate to another state where I have a employment offer! Last year April I was laid off from my job. With a combination of missing work due to illness and my freelance work not taking off, I was already in pretty dire straights financially.

Long story short, it took me a full year to gain steady employment again. That being settled, I could funnel my freelance work into paying back debt on an automated plan, of course! I am moving to Spain in pursuit of my dream career. I am taking my daughter with me, but leaving my husband behind in Amsterdam. Having rent covered means we can fly back and forth more often to spend family time together. Now that would be a rich life! I would put some of the money towards my savings, some towards paying down my student loans, and some on guilt-free spending!

I would like to say that I would save all the money but I would totally use it to take myself a on a nice vacation somewhere. I would use half and then put the other half into a starting an IRA for me. I plan on putting the extra money toward my goal of opening a Roth IRA before the end of this year. Quite honestly, if I were to win I would get my own place. I realize from listening to you that I have a huge fear of failure, in the form of embarrassing myself.

I keep telling myself that I need to have enough money to get my own place and have it fully furnished the day I move in. A nice little studio apartment with a bath tub, stove and refrigerator would be perfect. For me, that would put me on the path to living a rich life. Because to me, a rich life means having a place to call me own. Health is really important to me. Our very old fixer-upper needs all new windows and other miscellaneous upgrades to enhance living conditions and increase its value.

My husband is a carpenter and is remodeling it himself but we could really use the help with the cost of materials. He also needs to contribute more to the small retirement savings he currently has. If we won, the money would enable us to shore up the remainder of the wedding fund. My co-founder and I have been bootstrapping our company and thus have passed on the luxuries of life in exchange of growing our idea and hiring the best developers, who have also been working on our product for much cheaper than their usual rate since they are so committed to our idea.

I would definitely use the extra money to help push our business forward and reward those who have been working hard for us. In the bootstrapping startup world— 2, can go a LONG way. I would use the money to save for a down payment on a bigger house so my 2 young children can actually have their own room and a backyard to play in before they go off to college. I would payoff my last remaining credit card, automate all payments. If you paid my rent for a month, I would put it in my credit union savings account — we are REALLY close to achieving our goal amount for a down payment on our first home!

I would use that money to buy a crib and other furniture for our first child, due in January. So excited! This would certainly help! I would use the money to help my younger sister pay for her college tuition at BU. Being an out-of-state student is very expensive. I am about to wipe out my savings, except safety buffer and pension pot, as we are buying a house and shortly having a baby. Over the past few years I have been working extra hard to reduce stress in my life. I would make an extra principal payment on our mortgage. My goal is zero debt!

I would give it to my cousin who needs gallbladder surgery. I have a shopping wish-list of software to create online programs for my business. Winning this would put me almost a year ahead of my current savings plan to pay for these! To see these two people happy who are close to me. And a portion to me so I can settled some debt, spend on some sick mods for my car daily drive project build and save, cause that much here in SA will do wonders.

Most of it will go toward debt repayment, and the remainder will beef up emergency savings a bit. I would invest this money. I am a buy and hold investor and have done well in the market, but it does sometimes limit my liquidity and my options for investing other monies. First of all I would be really happy and grateful! If not, I would follow your tips on automating my savings and investments and maybe I would invest a little bit in my new startup. It would definitely make a difference, for both me and my girlfriend.

Half goes into savings to rebuild devastated nest egg, half goes towards the medical bills which caused said devastation. I recently purchased an old cheese factory which I am turning into an art center in the beautiful, creative community of Door County, Wisconsin. I am busy building my new career as a visual artist and will use the money to fund new art work and business investments equipment, etc. They were run up very high after I was laid off and we depended on them before we got stabilized again and now the interest eats up much of the monthly payments I make into them.

My dream is to have my Boutique on Wheels! Will be my Kick-starter gift. Although I aim to keep my trip expenses minimal, I will need to supplement the mortgage my husband and I pay in NYC for 5 months and this would be the ideal fit. I would catch up on all the rest of our bills. Then I would put half on credit card and keep half in a just in case account. Some breathing room in the finance dept. Thank you for your offer!! Would put it back into our house to help fund the new geothermal heating system we are putting in this fall — no more anxiety that our 60 year old oil burner will crap out in the dead of winter!

I still say I have no idea what I would like to be when I grow up. I need answers Ramit! Nothing fun unfortunately! Just had a midyear check up with the accountant. Gonna put any windfalls in a savings account to mitigate the blow next April. I would use the money I save to put towards a down payment for a house so I can stop paying rent. Thanks for the opportunity! I think you do a business course about marketing or starting up, so I might use this dosh towards that.

I would use it to pay off a chunk of a large co-insurance medical bill that has been hanging over our heads. I would put half of that money in my savings account and put the rest toward my credit card bill. Im 25 and I plan to save half in my online savings acct and use the other half to pay off the remaining balance of 1 of my student loans. I paid for college out of pocket and without any cosigners for my loans, and it feel like I have been paying my student debt forever.

I would use the money to go on the vacation we have been waiting to take for the last 3 years and counting. I would use the money to quit my job and pursue real estate full time. Well my rent payment is equal to one of our debt payments, so I would probably throw it at that. Pay off the credit card debt I accrued while being unemployed so I can spend new savings on tools, such as IWT classes, to learn how to create automated cash flow ideas. I would fly to see my girlfriend. We are doing long distance relationship for over one year. But none of us have either time or money to see each other.

I would add to my savings to get closer to the 6 month pad that I need. I would spend it on getting an eye exam and getting 2 new pairs of glasses. And go to the dentist for checkup and cleaning. I would buy a new, larger external hard drive for my computer. Anything left over? Put it in savings so I can take a trip over winter holidays. I would put it in savings. We had to completely liquidate our assets when I sold my house last year.

I badly need to rebuild my savings. Thank you, Ramit! I would save some, and use the rest to invest in a couple of companies that are right on the cutting edge of some real game changing technologies. I have paid them down enough that that would completely eliminate 2 bills going forward. Thanks for the opportunity:. I would put it towards outsourcing some design work and other tasks for my business so I could focus more on growth and less on tasks others are better suited for.

I would most likely put it toward a workshop for that. Just moved back to my country of birth, Vietnam after almost 19 years away to pursue a visual art career. Graduated college without any debt. I have basics to start working and taking on jobs as a freelancer in Ho Chi Minh City. Also finally purchase that hot shoe flash, and put the rest in my Ally savings account. Though I should probably use it to cover rent during the lean season. I would use it to pay down my mortage so I could quit paying PMI, seven years before the bank has me scheduled to stop. I took as little time as I felt I could while still studying enough to pass.

After I take my gf out to a lovely dinner, the rest of it goes into savings to lessen the stress and worries. Then using that to move into creating custom art prints for interior designers and popular vintage shops. I could sure use some help paying my mortgage during those four months, since a Kiva Fellowship is strictly a volunteer. I would pay off my higher rate credit cards with part of it and use the rest to go towards savings. It would make a HUGE difference. I would use half to save and half to pay off the last little bit on a credit card that disappointingly lingers around.

This will definitely help tremendously! He loves trains! Living in San Francisco, I would definitely use this to pay rent. SF is great, but dang is rent expensive! Good luck everyone! Then when I retire I could afford to take a nother wonderful trip somewhere special. I would use the extra money to pay off some of the medical bills we, put on our credit card since my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in November.

As a single mother living paycheck to paycheck, I would invest in products for my own business. I work as a nanny and I cut hair on the side. I would buy a new pair of shears as I desperately need some, and other tools such as drapes, towels, a chair, etc. Winning this contest would put into motion actions that would change the future for myself and most importantly my beautiful 7 year old daughter.

Saving for a down payment while prices and mortgage rates are going up is a challenge! I would save half for an emergency fund then use the rest on a home improvement project currently in progress. I would use part of it to start testing MUSE ideas using the tips learned in the 4 hour work week. I would also spend some taking my kids to see Chicago and New York. The rest I would save for the next time Success Triggers opens up.

I am currently saving every penny I can for two separate adventures. The first, a trip to Japan to see the love of my life. The second, and much more important adventure is an internship I applied for. If my rent were taken care of for the month, I would buy a nice six pack of beer and a good meal to celebrate, then pay off one of my small credit card balances with the rest.

I would enroll in Spanish class to better engage my clients and coworkers. The rest would go toward cooking, painting, and other artistic classes and local tours to enrich my life and de-stress. Id love to paint a picture to hang on my wall! I would use the money to pay for a certification class in childbirth education. This would be a perfect compliment to my doula and bodywork services and would allow me to add another income stream. I would use part of it on my credit card and the other part to help pay off my new denture.

I would pay extra on my highest interest credit card bill even though it is automated to significantly lower it.