Youtube downloader for mac os x 10.5 ppc

Just right-click on the black video box on YouTube yep, the one that talks about upgrading Flash.

From the contextual menu right , choose the desired resolution of the video. After picking the SD option, it took seconds for the player to come up and starting playing the movie. Very smooth playback on my MHz TiBook.

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Users of Quick Time Pro can even save these videos directly to their hard drive. However, before you dash away to YouTube, let it be known that Quick Time Enabler is still in alpha stage.

MacX YouTube Downloader for Mac - Download

A reload helped to solve the problem and make the video play. There are even plans for expanding the site support to other pages than YouTube, which would be awesome. Lo and behold, terrible image stuttering. Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations.

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MacX YouTube Downloader

Like this: Like Loading Donations Donations Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. Help Center Community. YouTube Get support. For safari 5 for mac ppc os I am seen to be participating in the trial but see no way to download the upgrade. Community content may not be verified or up-to-date.

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Learn more. I'm using Chrome which updates itself automatically. Yes No.

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  • It’s easy to upgrade..
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