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Your Mac looks to exhibit a prime example of this. To see if this is the case, the bottom case needs to be removed so the battery can be visually inspected. If the battery is expanding, that is almost certainly the cause. It will need to be removed and properly disposed of ASAP, before it cracks open, exposing dangerous chemicals inside. If the battery is not expanding, check the cables from the trackpad and keyboard to the logic board to make sure they're properly connected.

Aug 28, AM. Expanded battery can sometimes be detected by examining the seam across the front of the Mac.

If that seam shows any signs of being forced apart, you may have a bulging battery. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate.

I research internet and found the following suggestions before doing it. We can fix swollen battery by releasing its gas from it.

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But please make sure to read the complete guide carefully before attempting it. First you need to remove battery from your Macbook and then using a screw driver you need to open all the screws on the battery. I recommend you to buy this set, It has almost all the screwdrivers needed to perform different types of DIY projects including this one. Buy Now.

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As you can see my Macbook battery has swollen to the extent that it is now lifting its cover and also the trackpad, creating problem to use it. I think the battery swelling issue is due overheating or it might be the factory problem.

On both sides of the battery, there are black plastic pieces where screws was tightened. Remove flat side piece as shown in the picture below and then pushed the battery from its cover towards the opposite side.

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If battery is swollen too much then you might not able to push it out easily so I recommend you to open the folded battery cover to loosen it a little bit, so you can easily slide it out and disassemble the macbook battery. Ed Manthorpe edmanthorpe Rep: 1.

I am most worried about it eventually breaking from being in the wrong place in the body. Is there any way of fixing this? View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers.

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Fix Swollen Macbook Battery

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