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Cube Explorer is a Windows only program at the moment so you won't be able to run it directly on your mac. You could run it using bootcamp or parallels though. You must log in or register to reply here. Cannot Confirm Account. Similar threads My 4x4 cannot do any reverse corner cutting, need help! Cannot figure out last move Confirmation Email Bug? Cannot create account on Speedsolving Wiki due to verification question. You cannot use this credit card for this transaction.

My 4x4 cannot do any reverse corner cutting, need help! Jul 3, Cannot figure out last move. Feb 7, Confirmation Email Bug? May 9, Apr 8, May 21, You may be able to leave the service disabled, or contact the vendor for support. On Linux, the firewall will normally be configured correctly, unless you are using custom firewall rules. You should consult your distribution's documentation to determine how to disable or correctly configure both the firewall and SELinux or, try doing a web search or consulting an appropriate user forum.

An Example

Recent Debian systems change the kernel's default network settings in a way which Java doesn't seem to like. Some information on why you are seeing the error might be found in BlueJ's debug log, which you can normally see by typing:. You will need to consult your system documentation or 3rd-party software documentation for information on how to configure your firewall software. Since Java 7u6, the Java accessibility tools are included with Java as standard -- but they are disabled by default. To enable the Java accessibility tools, follow these instructions. You may need to restart your machine afterwards.

Screen reader support was significantly improved in version 3. BlueJ does not have a dark theme as such, but you can change many of the colours that it uses in order to reduce visual brightness. This copy of the file will take preference, and you can edit the colours there. One important set are the foreground text colours which are specified as -fx-fill in the ". The main background colour, and other background colours for scope highlighting, are specified in the.

There is presently no way to change the colours that BlueJ uses for other parts of the interface, such as the package diagram. During the installation process, BlueJ needs to write some files. The error may indicate that you do not have write permission to that directory.

If this is the case, you can start java and tell it to use a different directory for temporary files:. This is not a BlueJ-specific issue, but a problem with Windows Installer mechanism, which maybe fixed by one of the following ways:. Various strange problems may occur when installing BlueJ on Windows; mostly, these problems are due to issues with the Windows installer framework rather than with BlueJ. Some examples:. Using the CCleaner tool has been reported to solve some issues this tool is published by a third party and the BlueJ team can not take responsibility for any problems its use may cause nor provide support for this tool.

To diagnose these problems, you should install BlueJ with Windows Installer logging enabled:. You can now try to read the log file yourself, or send it to the support team.

To do the latter, use the support request form , and then send the log as an email attachment when you receive a response from a team member. Do not attempt to attach a Windows Installer log when initially submitting the form, as it is only designed to accept BlueJ debug logs. Recent versions of BlueJ 4. These versions require Mac OS X Versions 3. On Mac OS X What this means is: you will not be able to run BlueJ 3. You can however run BlueJ 2. You must make sure that the correct Java version is active in order to run BlueJ.

This may happen if the "update API" dialog is shown when an old scenario is opened but may also occur for other dialogs, particularly if you switch to another application while the dialog is shown. This is actually a Java crash, described in bug entries here and here.

As the full message text states, this problem is normally caused by firewall software interfering with BlueJ's operation. More information on how to deal with this issue is available here ; see also this linux-specific information.

An Example

Another possible cause of this problem when running on Windows is that characters in the path to your project including the project name are not representable in the system character set. This often occurs when you use accented characters or non-English characters in your project path, and is actually due to a Java bug.

If you cannot resolve the problem, you will need to contact the BlueJ support team. If your program requests input, then you must supply the input before the program can continue running! What is happening is that your program is waiting indefinitely for the input that it has asked for. Generally, you can open the terminal from the 'view' menu and then type into it. Press 'enter' after supplying the input the terminal input is line buffered.

Is there a way to run this jar on Macos High Sierr

As a better solution, you should have your program output a prompt eg. That will cause the terminal window to open automatically. Since you are using Git over the network, it is affected by firewalls. This is a little bit complicated, but can be done following the steps below:. First you need to determine the proxy host and port for each protocol. Ask your system administrator for the correct settings. To configure BlueJ to use a proxy, you need to define the Java properties http.

You might also be able to specify that the system proxy settings are used, by setting java. To define the properties, you must add a -D option for each of these properties to the Java command line when BlueJ starts; for example, you might use:. Determine the appropriate command line arguments for your proxy settings. Then, you need to ensure that BlueJ starts with these arguments supplied to Java.

To do that, see the explanation in this FAQ entry. For Windows, you will need to edit the bluej. This problem can occur especially after connecting and then disconnecting a second monitor or projector display.

The window is open, but cannot be seen on screen, because it is located outside of the visible screen area; you need to move it back to the visible area. There are a number of ways to do this described on this page. You may also experience this problem if you change your display resolution, or if your project settings have somehow become corrupted.

This problem has been known to affect older versions of BlueJ. The most common cause of this problem is that the JDK version is too low, and BlueJ requires a newer version e. Note that Bluej currently version 4. BlueJ runs fine. If the registry is write protected, or if it is restored to its original state on every login, this information is lost, and the user will be asked to select the JDK location again.

can't open minecraft.jar on MAC

Since BlueJ 4. There are two solutions available. If this is not practical for example in some lab environments then BlueJ can be explicitly configured to use a specific JDK, using a property in bluej. Set the 'bluej. This property is commented out by default.

[MAC OS X] Cannot launch JAR Files

If it is set, BlueJ will not check the registry, not ask the user, but just use this Java version and start. Visual artifacts - black areas, distorted or missing text, etc - are usually a result of either a display driver bug or a Java bug. Try updating your display drivers see here for Windows 7 or disabling graphics acceleration see here. Remember to run the "select VM" utility to ensure that BlueJ runs with your most recent Java version.

We have had some reports of text disappearing when the mouse cursor hovers over it, especially with Intel Graphics HD chipsets; the drivers may be buggy. To do this, you need to edit the BlueJ configuration the bluej. For example, change:. Make certain to remove the ' ' at the beginning of the line!

It's possible that this setting will help with similar problems on other graphics chipset too. Most crashes in BlueJ are related to graphics card issues. See the answer directly above about updating graphics card drivers for likely fixes. Also, if you are running your graphics card overclocked, try running without overclocking, as overclocking is known to cause graphics-related crashes. This is a problem which affects some laptops. It may be due to video driver problems, so it's worth trying to update your video drivers if possible. The problem affects Java applications other than BlueJ and there is a bug in Oracle's bug database regarding the issue.

The suggested fix is to edit the bluej. When you double click on a Jar application in Windows, it will not open a console window, therefore, if your application outputs text using System. One possible solution would be to write a GUI interface. Another one would be executing your jar using the command line, running: java -jar yourApplication. The "open project" dialog in BlueJ, because it comes from Java, is different from file chooser dialogs in native Mac applications.

It doesn't show a list of devices such as USB sticks which makes it harder to locate them. You can open projects from such a device by going in to the "Volumes" folder in the top-level "Macintosh HD". New issue. Copy link Quote reply. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Or is this to do with making jar launcher.

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