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Update the virtual host file to point apache to the new location 2. I do this with all my projects. Instead of hosting them in my user directory. Do you think you could help me out? The errors show that both the Apache and Nginx servers are failing to bind to listening port. This likely means that a process is already using that port. Great work, thanks! I know this article is a little on the old side, but I wanted to request a small correction, for the sake of performance and security. This should not be done in ie, in the root directory of your filesystem as this allows.

Good point. But on a production server you would want to specify the root directory of the site. Such as:. For those who want to dive deeper into. Some options such as Multiview need to be set manually. Well i followed the steps exactly and still get the forbidden error even. You can do this by running the following command in Terminal. Remember to replace username with your actual username. Thanks so much for this well written tutorial. Nice learning lesson, though. How I can solve it? Thank you in advance! Hi, Since apache 2. Good tip. Also Require local works too. I will update the tutorial for Yosemite.

Changing these two lines allowed all of your previous directions to work, good job on everything else, thanks! I have applied the step to reconfigure the php but still php is not working. Hi Ashish, so I believe I have found the source of your problem. The permission of your Sites folder needs to be changed to Run the following command to ensure Apache has permission to access it.

Be sure to replace the string username with yours. Thanks Jonathan. I restared apach, but nothing.. Please help me. Hi Major, I added instructions at the end of the tutorial to show you how to update the permissions of your Sites folder. That should solve your problem. Thanks for the awesome tutorial. I also got the same error as Holley got.

Surprise 1: Web Sharing

Hi Jonathan, First Thanks for the explanation above. After starting the server also my localhost is refusing connection. Before i could find ur website i followed the step from another website. And i just creating individual html and php pages for my website…so i thought of putting them in the sites folder created above and running them….

It seems the error likely has to do with the Apache not having permission to access the Sites folder. What error are you getting?

How to install Apache and PHP on a Mac with OSX + (MAMP Part 1) – Machiine

In that tutorial he sets up the Apache host settings using the httpd-vhosts. Awesome tutorial! Thanks, worked first time. No problems at all. Hi after creating the phpinfo. There are 3 instances that need to be changed not one. Glad you got it working. Thanks for sharing what you found I think it will help others with the same problem.

I have one quick question. I am using Is tihs going to be a problem? Yes you will need this to work. It may be related to the same problem Robert had. Opening the file phoinfo. Hej, I am having exactly the same problem. Did you solve it? Thanks a lot! Sorry, I misunderstand. I am not havin the same problem as Waleed. Even though it exists! Hopefully I will be able to help you out.

Also, Robert had a similar problem. Set them to and try agian. Let me know how that goes? Hi Jonathan! I hope you can help me with this. It gives me the same error. My mac is OSX Please help! I believe that the error is caused by a permission problem.

How to Setup a Web Server in Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Were you able to resolve it? I am having the same issue Iw as wondering if you were able to resolve it Please do let me know.

The last character in apachectl is a the letter L even though it can easily be mistaken for the number 1. Hey, thanks for posting this stuff. Well, downloading the MAMP. It is easy to get setup. The problem with using it is that it is very limited with customization. If you need to install a PHP Extension for an application it can be very hard to do with their app. And in the long run it is much better to use a true local environment on your Mac. So if you want to get started quickly, start with the MAMP app, then install your own Apache and PHP setup on your machine as you become more advanced.

Thank you — had typo trouble but was able to find it and fix it thanks to your clear and easy-to-navigate instructions. Thank you. The optimist fell ten stories.

After spending a few hours trouble shooting my php I came across your blog. Step 4 fixed the problem and put a smile on my face. Thanks a mil. Thank you for providing this information. To make Apache automatically start when your restart your mac run the following command in Terminal. I am using OS X Version Any insight would be highly appreciated. Perhaps go to that folder directly and create the file manually using a coding text editor.

I use Coda 2. Just migrated from Windows to Mac. I also have restarted the machine the my apache via Terminal. This problem would point to Apache not running and needing to be started. Sorry about the late reply Joe. Thanks for your comment Robert! I can make a tutorial on it if you would like. Thank you for this great tutorial. Can you please make one for virtual host file? Or direct me to where I can find it if you already made one.

Yes, it is actually very easy. I will create a tutorial to show you how to do this. Hi Jonathan I have been having the same problem for a while now, and I follow all comments and tutorials and it always ends up not working, and me having to start again. Yours has come the closest so far, but still I am unable to progress past this point. My short name on the user directory is: petar j. As a result of this I am unable to configure anything any further. Thanks so much for this article. You help a lot, thanks very much. Got to step 5 with no issues.

When I attempt to open the phpinfo. I did restart teh Apache server after seting up the user. I just want to host some files on a server. Are there any extra steps I should be taking for this function? You may need to update your Site folder to give Apache permission to access it. I am pretty new to this, so please bear with me if I do not use the correct terminology. I am trying to set-up my machine to host a website I propose building. I started by installing the complete MAMP package.

Doing it this way, I was unable to get the Apache Server to run. I unintalled the package and found your tutorials on-line and I have subsequently followed your tutorial to the letter. I do also have existing iWeb Folders in my configure Sites Folder, not sure what other information you may require to assist me further? Are you still having this problem? Hey, having some issues here. I did everything the tutorial said, step by step. Everything seemed fine. Help please? Hopefully I can help. Have you tried restarting Apache and then entering the URL in your browser again?

This all works on my machine but how can I access the page from another computer on the same network? Just wanted to say thanks for the tutorial, works great! I tried three other tutorials before yours and none of them worked for me…. But I have a problem: even the very first step does not work. Am I doing something wrong? I am sorry for double-posting, but I found some things out. How may I fix this major problem? And will there be some other important things missing?

I am using Mac OS X But I fixed the problem by myself!

I have walked through all the steps here. Ok great so those commands worked as well. I tried running the restart command and same thing applies. It sounds like you did that correctly. I am going to try to recreate the problem on my server to see if I can duplicate the problem. Hi James, to confirm. I restarted: sudo apachectl restart and restarted the computer. Then started: sudo apachectl start which was successful and let the server be found to load the php page created in the sites folder.

Got through the rest of the steps successfully. Now just trying to figure out how to implement the MySQL for my website. If you create something local server through the phpMyAdmin then does it provide the code for website use? Or is this only really for local testing?

Already have a dedicated server and website up. Yes having the MySQL installed on your localhost is best for local testing and development. You will just need to install MySQL on your dedicated server. What OS are you running on it? Server Settings Apache version 2.

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Do you know why that is? Hi Tom. This is because the php module is not enabled in the httpd. You can see instructions in Step 2. Thanks for answering my question, Mr. As embarrassing as it is to have to admit, in the short time between my question and your response everything that I had gotten to work following your steps has stopped working all together.

Parts of it that were clicking just a few weeks ago when all this was making sense are not there. Someday, though…. Please I was confortable untill step 5. I got this message on firefox: The connection was reset. The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading. I got osx I am still studying php now and for days I cannot get enable. However I search google but no solutions. Please help. Thanks for this guide.

This was the default. Could you help me set up my configuration file the right way? My end goal is to be able to load Dokuwiki. Hi Alex Try this. Put the path in quotes when you type it in a file or on the command line. When a path has spaces it needs to be either wrapped in quotes. Try this. Check to make sure you restarted your apache server correctly. In your terminal run sudo apachectl restart.

I was having the same problem until I noticed the the curlysign in front of the username. Hello thx for sharing the knowledge.


Its that only work in Safari? Apache comes preinstalled so the localhost should work on all browsers. I have two quick questions for you. After setting up the username. If you did restart the server, is the path in the conf file directory set correctly? Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. If you upgraded from a previous version of OSX your hosting environment will be broken. Uncomment the userdir While the httpd. Type Y to confirm. Then press enter. Step 3 How to set up a user configuration file: 1. I tried ML Server for about a week - it was so buggy, inconsistent and annoying that I wiped my HD and reinstalled Since I emailed the developer of this pane today, and he wrote back to confirm that this preference pane should still work nicely under Share Facebook Twitter Reddit.

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